Cooking Videos

Cinnamon Chicken

MARINATE CHICKEN: Combine apple juice, honey, lemon juice, garlic, cinnamon, salt & pepper in a large ziptop container. Add chicken, seal bag, shake to coat well and let marinate in the refrigerator for 8 hrs or overnight

Crab Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

In a mixing bowl, combine the crab meat, chili sauce, mustard, mayo, Worcestershire sauce, spring onion and herbs. Mix well. Cover and refrigerate until needed.

Roasted Vegetable Turkey Pinwheels

Place the squash, peppers, carrots and garlic in baking pan coated with cooking spray. Drizzle with oil; toss to coat. Bake, uncovered, at 425o for 25-30 minutes or until lightly browned and tender, stirring once. Cool slightly.