Choose a Mediterranean Diet for Brain Health

You need this easy Summer Strawberry Basil Salsa Recipe. It is fresh, delicious, Mediterranean diet inspired and good for your brain! Created by Senior Living Residences. Learn more about how the Mediterranean Diet can help in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease


There is no question that eating a diet rich in brain healthy foods can benefit people at any and every age. 

Science shows that the Mediterranean Diet reduces inflammation, regulates blood sugar, promotes heart health and is now discovering that it may have an effect on delaying the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Our easy recipes and nutrition guidelines are just the thing to help you make more healthful and mindful food choices and start eating "brain healthy" at home. 

We believe that Brain Healthy Nutrition should be available to everyone

Senior Living Residences' (SLR) is the developer of the award-winning Brain Healthy Cooking Program and the first assisted living company in the US to offer a specialized, research-based nutrition program, incorporating brain healthy foods and spices into everyday meals to improve the overall brain health of residents living in our communities. Our Brain Healthy Cooking program is largely based on the popular and well researched Mediterranean Diet, and features "brain healthy foods" such as dark fruits, leafy green vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and seafood.  

Our leadership in innovative Assisted Living & Alzheimer’s Care includes a passion for educating the public and promoting Alzheimer’s prevention through healthy eating. Read more about our Brain Healthy Cooking Program in our communities!